FAQ and Rules Page

Recreational League No Sting Rules

We used standard Weho No sting rules.  Check the link for the deets:  https://www.wehododgeball.com/rules/

Open League 8.5 Rules

In the Open Division, we play with 8.5 balls and use the most current Elite Dodgeball Rules.  Check em out here: Rules

Signing up solo? With a Buddy? With my Squad?

For the Recreational League you can signup Solo, with 1 other person, or as a coed squad of 5.  If you sign up as a squad, you must have at least 1 plus person of each gender in your group.  
For the Open League you can sign up solo or with one other person.  Write out the first and last name of the person you wish to partner up with for the season in the sign up process.

Which division should I sign up for?

If you are new to dodgeball or don't wish to join the competitive world of dodgeball and keep it light, the Recreational League is for you.  The Rec League is all about getting used to the rules, occasional dance breaks, and hilarious dodgeball moments
If you wish to step up your dodgeball game or just want to play with a little more competitive intent, then the Open Division is your jam.  In the Open division, you will be shucking the larger 8.5 balls at each other and delving a little more into the strategy of this ever-changing sport.

You did not answer my question dude.

Please contact us if you have a question that our FAQ page failed to answer.  Head to the Contact Us section of our Home page.